Albanian edition of the book The Figure of the Enemy promoted in Tirana

20160701_181916The book Figura e armikut: ripërfytyrimi i marrëdhënieve shqiptaro-serbe had its promotion on Friday, July 1, at the Albanian Ministry of Culture. The book has been published as a part of the RRPP funded project „Figuring out the Enemy: Re-imagining Serbian-Albanian Relations“, implemented by the Institute for Philosophy and Socal Theory, University of Belgrade and KPZ Beton from Belgrade, as well as independent research teams from Albania and Kosovo. Its editors are Rigels Halili, Armanda Hysa, Adriana Zaharijević and Aleksandar Pavlović, and it has been published by Qendra Multimedia from Prishtina.

The book Figura e armikut represents the Albanian edition of a volume Figura neprijatelja: preosmišljavanje srpsko-albanskih odnosa, previously published in Serbian. The book gathers 24 articles written by Serbian and Albanian scholars, aimed at questioning the widespread assumptions and common prejudices between the two nations. The event held at the Albanian Ministry of Culture gathered a number of prominent intellectuals and public figures and officials, such as dr Odeta Barbullushi, Albanian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, mr Miroljub Zarić, Serbian Ambassador in Albania, and others. In the words of the editors and commentators, this is the most comprehensive account on Serbian-Albanian relation available in Albanian so far, and the one that brings the most welcome critical view of the previously held assumptions about the centennial hostility between the two nations.

As the book editors emphasized in the Preface, this publication evolved from a fundamental belief that theory is deeply politicized while being an integral part of the mind-set for discussion of political problems and ideas, and with the aim of presenting and promoting critical view on policy of friendship. According to the authors of the study, current hostility between Serbs and Albanians had been established in the last quarter of the 19th century. In the course of history, there had been many examples of a positive perception between Serbs and Albanians who shared similar patriarchal values. Weakening of the Ottoman rule and the formation of Albanian national movement fuelled mutual hostility between two nations. The group of intellectuals involved in the publication The Figure of the Enemy advocates thus for the reaffirmation of the positive examples and promote friendship between two nations.

The goal of the RRPP funded project “Figuring out the Enemy: Re-imagining Serbian-Albanian Relations” as a whole, is to challenge Serbian-Albanian negative perceptions, to emphasize their shared past, tradition and earlier as well as current examples of cooperation. It aims to offer critically grounded analysis of contemporary Serbian, Kosovo and Albanian societies. In addition to its analytical aspect, the project promotes mutual cooperation and aims at establishing lasting scholarly and cultural cooperation and research on common topics.


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Tamara Petrovic